The Camps

Camp at the Yamagishis (CH)

27.08. - 3.09.2022

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How it Works

Co - Creation


The Camp is run by all of us

With a system of Focalizers we make sure we can share delicious food, have a functional infrastructure and clean spaces

There are 3 open space slots each day, filled with offers and requests from all that are present

We navigate with impulses, tensions and initiatives coming from the group



IMG_8091 - kopie

To cover the fixed costs we ask for a contribution along a sliding scale of
12 – 35 euros or 15 – 40 francs
(open ended in both directions)

Everyone is asked to find their own authentic balance point, stepping into a collective experiment to leave behind “scarcity thinking”  and explore what happens with a mindset of abundant gifting and receiving

At the end of the camp we play the money game, here we collectively and playfully decide what happens with our financial overflow

Build Up &

Build Down

Building Up Days

The co-creation starts with the build-up, usually starting 3 days before the the camp. For these days we rely on a group of about 20 people that come earlier to help

The build down lasts for 2 days after the camp ends, and works the same as the build up, just that everything happens reversed

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