Dragon Seed Camp

Dragon Seed Camp

16 - 23 August 2023

We are happy to announce that this years
Dragon Seed Camp will take place at the Klingenmühle, CH.

Build-up starts on the 13th of August
Take-Down ends on the 25th of August

How it Works

Co - Creation

& Skill - Sharing


The Camp is run by all of us.

With a system of Focalizers we make sure we can share delicious food, have functional infrastructure and clean spaces to enjoy our time together.

Each morning we come together to plan our day, filling the three Open Space slots of the day with Skill-Sharing offers and requests from all who are present.

We navigate with impulses, tensions and initiatives coming from the group.




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To cover the fixed costs we ask for a contribution along a sliding scale of
25 – 50 euros or 30 – 60 francs per day
(open ended in both directions)

Everyone is asked to find their own authentic balance point, stepping into a collective experiment to leave behind “scarcity thinking”  and explore what happens with a mindset of abundant gifting and receiving.

Find out more about our money below.

Build Up &

Build Down

Build Up Days

The co-creation starts with the build-up, starting 3 days before the the camp. For these days we rely on a group of 20-30 people to help set up the infrastructure and prepare the camp.

The build-down lasts for 2 days after the camp ends, and works the same as the build up, just that everything happens reversed.

Let us know through the sign-up form if you have capacity to join us for build-up and/or build-down

We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, races, genders, and sexual orientation.
Together we explore what an inclusive culture, where everyone is welcome to be and express who they are, can look and feel like.

We warmly invite families, parents and children.

The Money Game

We want to create awareness and a new approach to the topic of money. Transparency and collective decision making are key aspects of our money culture.
We aim to generate a financial overflow, raising more money than needed to run the gathering. This overflow supports the network with financial resources to bring meaningful projects alive.
At the end of the camp, all take part in deciding where the overflow money goes. We play the “money game”, to collectively and playfully decide how our financial overflow is divided among projects and initiatives from the network.


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The Dragon Seed Camps are inclusive yet nonpublic gatherings,
organized as a private event by friends,
for their friends and extended networks.
Coming across our homepage is a sign that someone told you…
the network extended out to you!


All available spots are taken. Sign Up is closed.
We are offline during the camp!