Dragon Seed Culture

The Dragon stands for our fire

The Seed for the magic of creation

We gather to co-create a Transformative Culture

a collective inquiry and expression,

into a culture of love and responsability

Transformative Culture

The Dragonseedcamp is part of a larger movement. Together, we want to research, live and co-create a  culture of societal transformation. While celebrating what is and acknowledging the pains of the world, we explore how to live on this earth in harmony. Questions such as the following guide our way.

How can we allign ourselves with that
which wants to be created?

What does a supportive human culture
look and feel like?

How can individual tensions and insights be integrated as group wisdom?


If you are curious to find out more, scroll to the bottom of the page for the Transformative Culture Manifesto

How do we want to live as human beings on this earth?


Co-Creation is the basis of the Dragonseedcamp. The gathering can happen through each individuals responsability and the power of community. 

Everybody is asked to include themselves and take an active role in the day to day running of the camp. Magic and abundance are collectively created as each one of us gives what we wish to share.

What happens when people come together

in a celebration of radical response ability?

Skill - Sharing

We celebrate our collective knowledge, competences and ability to create and inspire each other. Using Open Space Technology, we structure each day to share our questions, skills and answers.

There is no pre-set program. We come together every morning to find out what will happen that day. We form a circle in which everyone is invited to present their offers, requests, curiosities and invitations.

We find the right spot in the program, and off we go!

Planning the Day

What can you teach?

What would you like to learn?


Community Building

At the camp we learn, experiment and grow with social tools. These are methods that have been developed in order to build community, decide inclusively and work co-creatively.

Some examples are sociocracy, sharing circles, transparent communication, forum, circling & playfight.

 From learning and practicing a tool, we evolve towards a changed group awareness and enjoy new possibilities. 


What possibilites arise when we deeply connect as a whole?

The Money Game

We want to create awareness and a new approach to the topic of money. Transparency and collective decision making are key aspects of our money culture. 

We ask for a balanced, sliding-scale contribution to cover the costs for infrastructure, food and organisation.

We aim to generate a financial overflow, raising more money than needed to run the gathering. This overflow supports the network with financial resources to bring meaningful projects alive. At the end of the camp, all take part in deciding where the overflow money goes.

IMG_8091 - kopie

How can money connect us and flow where it is needed?

Transformative Culture Manifesto

Creating a Transformative Culture is a process of awakening and expanding our consciousness, individually and collectively.

We position that the planetary and humanitarian crisis is in its very essence a crisis of consciousness. Therefore we put inner transformation at the core of outer transformation. Honouring each individual’s unique contribution we recognize that empowerment is a shared journey, guiding us in the response ability in the healing of the planet.

By recognizing the power in community and interpersonal process work we intentionally deepen our capacity for authenticity and intimacy, compassion and connection.

Our innate interdependence calls us to social and ecological justice for all of life on earth. We see nature and every element of creation as sacred, with human beings nestled inside the whole.

By embracing the creative tension between known and unknown, where we are and where we would like to be, we create our playground.
Here we celebrate the power of co-creation, where we align ourselves collectively to that which wants to emerge.

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